The Preaching of the Word

Sunday services at Dowanvale take place at 11.00am and 6.00pm in the church at 35 Dowanhill Street.

Prayer Meeting

The prayer meeting meets on Wednesdays at 7.30pm in Dowanvale’s church hall, which is accessed from the side door on Chancellor Street. We pray in adoration to God with confession of sin and thanksgiving for God’s goodness, and we ask God to pour out his blessing on our church and the wider world. The Word is also expounded during the prayer meetings.

Psalmody Class

The Psalmody Class meets on Sundays at 5pm in the church hall. We are learning tunes to accompany Sing Psalms. There is a tea break before the evening service begins.
You can visit Dowanvale’s Soundcloud page, where you can listen to and download singings that we’ve uploaded.


The crèche is open from 10.45am and meets in the church hall. Children of Sunday School age usually sit upstairs in the church for the start of the morning service. Following the minister’s childrens’ talk and the singing of the second Psalm, the children leave to go down to the Sunday School. There are four Sunday School classes: pre-school; primary 1 to primary 3; primary 4 to primary 7; and the Bible Class for those in secondary school up to the age of 16. All our Sunday School teachers and crèche workers are signed up to the Dowanvale Child Protection Policy and are vetted through Disclosure Scotland.

Monday Club

Every Monday night there is a youth club in the church hall for all children aged 8-16. This runs from 7pm-8.30pm. Monday Club is very popular with the children in the local area, and we have a regular attendance every Monday of 20-25 kids. Activities include badminton, table tennis, air hockey, pool, Nintendo Wii, arts and crafts and a tuck shop. At 8pm the children go into small groups for a Bible talk and discussion. Our primary school kids are taking a journey through the whole Bible. And our older youth are learning about what the gospel means for them.

International Students Cafe

On Thursday nights during University term time we will be hosting an international students cafe from 7.30-9pm. To find out more about this please visit small world cafe.

Dowanvale Cafe

On Saturdays between 12 and 3pm we run a cafe which is open in the church hall. There are plenty signs outside the church pointing you in the right direction where you can enjoy a choice of soup, bacon rolls, sausage rolls, baking, desserts, tea and coffee. The waiting and kitchen staff are all volunteers and enjoy meeting and mixing with all who come to the cafe. So if you simply want a lunch, or you desire to talk about Jesus, or even just spend some time in comfort and relax, please come along! A warm welcome goes out to everyone who is passing by.

Womens’ Meeting

Women from the congregation throughout the year from October to May in the church hall on a Thursday evening at 7.30pm. Various activities are planned throughout the year and, as well as enjoying fellowship over tea and coffee, our primary focus is to raise funds for missionary organisations.

Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship meets in Dowanvale on Sunday evenings during term time (apart from the first Sunday of the month which takes the form of a congregational fellowship). Meetings are normally held in the church hall. Around 30-40 students and young people make up the fellowship. The programme is varied and all young people aged from 16 to 30 are very welcome. This year we hope to have events running throughout a reFreshers’ Week in September to welcome all students and young people to the congregation for a new academic year!

Bible Studies

If you are interested in joining a Bible study group we have various different groups meeting at different times. There are student groups, daytime and evening ladies groups. Get in touch if you would like to know more.

Congregational Fellowship

The Congregational Fellowship meets on the first Sunday of the month, following the evening service in the church hall at Dowanvale. Following a sumptuous tea, a guest speaker talks about how God has worked in their life. Recent speakers include Rev Jonathan Watson, who is currently the Editor for the Banner of Truth; Donald Macdonald, who heads up Macdonald Hotels; and Colin McKerracher who is Chief Constable of Grampian Police.

Christianity Explored

Course run yearly – after New Year.
Any questions please email: