Come and Worship | Sunday 4th Feb at Dowanvale

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At Dowanvale we are a family from all walks and stages of life who come together to worship, love and serve the living God. We would love nothing more than for you to be part of that too.

Dowanvale Free Church

Meeting at 11am on Sunday Mornings (at 35 Dowanhill Street), people of all ages – from new born to 90s plus and everything in between – gather to sing, pray, and hear what God says through the Bible.

If you have never been to church before and think it sounds strange, don’t worry, you won’t be asked to do anything. Why not come along and see for youself who the God of the Bible really is.

Kenny, our minister, will normally speak for about 30mins explaining a bit of the Bible to us which you can discuss with people over tea and coffee after. If you have children…bring them too! We have creche for pre-schoolers and Sunday School and Bible Class for Primary to High School Age.

We meet again in the evenings on Sundays at 6pm, once again to sing praise to God, pray and learn from the Bible. It can be a daunting experience to think about coming to church for the first time but why not take that step and see what happens?


This Sunday after the evening service at 6pm we are hosting a congregational fellowship which means we stay behind after the worship service to enjoy some tea/coffee and snacks together before listening to someone share encouragements in their Christian Faith. It is just like a relaxed family gathering! Would be great if you could join us.

Author: Carina