Sermons from Dowanvale

Welcome to the Sermons page, where you can listen to the latest sermons from Dowanvale. To download the MP3 file please visit our Soundcloud page. You can also find our catalogue of available previous sermons here. More will be added in due course. If you would like to order sermons on CD, please email us or send a message via our contacts page.

Life after Death

Morning Service, 18 February 2018, Luke 16:19-31

Life as We Know It

Evening Service, 18 February 2018, Revelation 6:1-17

True & False Fasting

Morning Service, 11 February 2018, Isaiah 58:1-7

The Church We Preach

Evening Service, 11 February 2018, John 17:20-26

The Characteristics of a Deacon

Morning Service, 4 February 2018, 1 Timothy 3:8-13

The Scroll & The Lamb

Evening Service, 4 February 2018, Revelation 5:1-14